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Best 4K TV deals: Samsung, Sony, and LG TVs are on super sale ahead of the big game

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UPDATE: Feb. 2, 2023, 3:45 p.m. EST This story has been updated with the latest 4K and 8K TV deals. Check out our favorites below:

Upgrading to a 4K TV — even a QLED or OLED — no longer has to be an intimidating financial setback. High-quality TVs featuring punchy colors, decipherable shadows, and smooth transitions have become increasingly affordable for regular consumers, made even more budget-friendly by frequent sales from retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon. Here are our top picks, just in time for watching the biggest game of the football season.

TV deals are categorized by brand, then listed in order of size (smallest to largest) and price (lowest to highest).

Samsung TV deals

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Get immersed in the big game on a supersized Samsung QLED, now $200 below its price from Cyber Monday. The 2021 Q70A Series isn’t Samsung’s cheapest or most expensive QLED, but it checks all the right boxes for watching sports and gaming: direct backlighting with local dimming, crisp HDR, and bright quantum dot color even in sunlit rooms.

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LG TV deals

Why we love it

One $1,000 discount still sticking around from Best Buy’s holiday sale brings a massive LG QNED TV below $1,500. QNED is a mashup of LG’s NanoCell technology and quantum dots (which amp up color depth using an extra light filter of nanoparticles) and the backlighting of mini LEDs (for more precise contrast through extra dimming zones, which will be helpful for keeping track of the football).

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Sony TV deals

Why we love it

Sony debuted a handful of groundbreaking products at CES 2023. TVs weren’t one of them. But the absence of a new line isn’t stopping retailers from following the unspoken January rule of heavily discounting last year’s models. Arguably one of the internet’s favorite TVs right now, the A95K provides a dynamic watching experience through the Bravia QD-OLED panel, which combines the precise viewing angles of OLED and the color-boosting quantum dot layer of QLED.

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Other TV deals from TCL, Vizio, and more

Why we love it

Hisense’s ULED line is an unexpectedly intimidating competitor to Samsung’s QLED TVs and LG’s mini LED TVs — especially with this price tag. The U6GR ranks below the super-popular U8H, but is still a really solid choice for most streaming and gaming. Its black uniformity is great for dark rooms, its peak brightness and reflection handling make small details legible in bright rooms, and colors are vibrant thanks to local dimming.

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