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Best Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriends in 2023

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Whether you just started dating or you’re practically engaged, shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend can be a surprisingly tricky task. How much should you spend? Are you going for a big romantic gesture or keeping it simple? And what about the classic “we’re not doing gifts this year,” but you still “surprise” each other with gifts anyway thing?

Seriously, though — what *is* that?

If you’re stuck in a gift-giving rut, our best advice is to zero in on the items he uses daily and the topics he brings up whenever you hang out — these are easy jumping-off points for presents that’ll make him feel seen. (Oh, he just mentioned in passing that his wallet’s falling apart? Get him a really nice leather one that he’d never splurge on himself. Stuff like that shows you’ve been paying attention.)

Below, we’ve rounded up a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for boyfriends that say “I love you and I get you” without being totally cliché. Spoiler alert: There will be no mention of whiskey stones or beard oil.

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