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Intense ‘Outlast’ trailer introduces Netflix’s cutthroat survival competition

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Would you try to survive in the Alaskan wilderness for 1 million dollars? If you answered yes, you might be the perfect candidate for Netflix’s competition series Outlast. (And if you, like me, answered no, you can still watch the survival shenanigans from the comfort of your own home.)

Outlast pits 16 lone wolf contestants against each other in an all-out survival battle. There is only one rule: They must be a part of a team to win. Cue the alliances, backstabbing, and infighting.

One competitor in the trailer likes the situation to Lord of the Flies, and it’s easy to see why. In an argument over food, one competitor tells their rivals to starve. Elsewhere, people discuss cutting off heads and slicing throats. Oh, and did I mention one contestant becomes unresponsive and requires medical attention? Intense!

Outlast premieres March 10 on Netflix.(Opens in a new tab)

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